Ferja legg til på eigahand

Wärtsilä og Norled går saman om prosjektet autodocking. Her ser me når MF «Folgefonn», utan hjelp av styrmann - tek seg inn til ferjestøet på Sunde.
Video: Wärtsilä
26. april 2018


Speaking at the closing session of the Conference, which was facilitated by the Government, that domestic ferry operations played a crucial role in the movement of people and goods, dissertation proposal help and now and again spoke to the main conceivable and sensibly moderate methods for transport.


Capable of suit 3 motors plus some passengers, the assignment writing service hand-pulled ferry among the dusty Texas town of Los Ebanos and the Mexican town of Diaz Ordaz is the final of its kind.

Its future is uncertain as the U.S. branch of place of birth protection surveys the area to erect a fence, which the government says is wanted to stem the tide of unlawful immigration from the south.